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They are lovers and they are living of love,
You see them walking in the dying night.
They are lovers and they make plans,
You see them embraced by those perfect dreams.
Three coins, two kisses and just one glass,
They know that those who love can never fall.
They are hiding lies under a doorway
Or they listen to poems in the streets.
Looking at each other in silence, think they are on the sea,
Then, like two airplanes, they seem to you flying.
They paint in blue the houses around them,
They are lovers, they are a masterpiece.
They’re lovers and they look like love,
They go on a date on the heart's petals.
They are lovers and they make plans,
And from their dreams they feel protected.
They listen enchanted to the stories of a violin,
They write "I love you" in the Latin book.
They are lovers that, sheltered from heaven,
Like Adam and Eve they head to the apple tree.
They are in love with eternal love
But sometimes it ends, someone dies there.
They are lovers, yes, they are the ones,
They are lovers, they are a masterpiece.
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Gli innamorati

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