go berserk

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Englezăto run amok

"go berserk" în versuri

So baby make just like K-Fed and let yourself go, let yourself go
Say fuck it before we kick the bucket
Life's too short to not go for broke
So everybody, everybody (go berserk) shake your body

[Verse 2]

Eminem - Berzerk

Over and under, the bedding is asphalt, gravel and concrete, sand, stone,
grass, reed, primeval forest
My apostle horses are galloping
to some Galapagos island where we trot and go berserk
Run into a hole, run and forget it
back home, down in bed and wake up from the dream

Afasi & Filthy - Le parkour

In the fog of the seas of life,
My white sail is so lonely
With all the steel ships in the background.
Let the cruel wind go berserk
In the fog of the seas of life,
My white sail is so lonely

Yuliy Kim - Ostap Bender's Song

The world makes you go berserk
You have no patience
Your mistakes
Are somebody else's fault
You don't know what you want
You lift your fist and scream

Farin Urlaub Racing Team - Notundercontrol

But cleaning just drives us out
of our heads
When I`m handed pictures to sign and I`m trying to be patient
But girls all go berserk for their screaming adoration
Because they say it helps it`s to maximize flirtation but I must get back to this shoot

The Wanted - Nice Straight

In the queue for lunch they take the piss, you’ve got no appetite
And the rumour is you never go with boys and you are tight
So they jab you with a fork, you drop the tray and go berserk
While your cleaning up the mess the teacher’s looking up your skirt

Belle & Sebastian - Expectations

This is a maze-like place that came to a dead end
Where my thoughts are distorted
When it happens, staying the cruel way,
I lost sight of the path and I'd go berserk

Pay attention! Hey what is it?

LiSA - Rising Hope

and his life
his life runs in my veins
and in his arms I plead,yes,yes
every time I go berserk
when he takes my life
I don't know neither how

Lara Fabian - Tell me why do I love him

Out the door
If you tried but it ain't workt,
and keep on doin' dirt
Keep your cool don't go berserk
Just let him go
Let him go

Kat Graham - my boyfriend's back

I went to college to do my family a favor
But I couldn’t pick a major ‘cause I wanted to be MAJOR

I tried sellin’ work, but it didn’t work

So I worked, shopping center clerk, finna go berserk
Lunch break, see me writin’ 16’s over Mickey D’s

Skippin’ class, makin’ beats, over 60 keys

Lecrae - Chase That

I need the sweat, I need the smoke
And, like you know, you need it too
Now, when you¹ see my signal here
I want you¹ to go berserk
Now, I'm standing on the edge of the world
And holding my fate in my hand

Cumulo Nimbus - Bloodletting

Close the curtains on ’em if they’re actin’ like they never heard us
See we do this for a purpose just to keep that fire burnin’.
And we don’t need no water let that mother-mother-burn,
Timmy play your trumpet let the people go berserk.

The bass and the tweeters make the speakers go to war!

Timmy Trumpet - Freaks

Ahh Jaz Dhami itzz you boyz
yo yo Honey Singh

You are making the guys go berserk with your Bobbi Brown make-up
Jaz waits for you everyday,
but you are late every night

Jaz Dhami - High Heels

I been up for three days
I live that shit that I say
I'm getting stoned, out on stage
Take a groupie, go berserk
I got cake, no dessert
In the game, twenty years

Juicy J - If It Ain't

Don't go berserk with pity now
That really does not help
It wouldn't even be good if you stayed there
I don't want your hand
I don't want it, but I do
I have nothing to lose

Rosenstolz - Did everything wrong

If you want to be my wife shall I take you here and now
But if you can't you may take another man

For you I will fight and go berserk
And dance in the barn the whole night
And if you want me then you have me here

Drängarna - If you want to be my wife

And hoping I'll seal my...

Gee, I get out on the streets late and I walk
Let it hurl, unfurl on the world, go berserk
Get on your own turf

The Jezabels - City Girl

Factually I, the very least of it

Piece of work, I was really quite a jerk
Keeping score is such a bore, a busy mind can go berserk
Oh feast on this, I was fishing for a hook
So I took a little trip, and I opened up the book

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Factory Of Faith

You're just killing the enemy, that's lazy,
I kill my own people, I'm that crazy.
I go berserk and my eyes go glazy,
I get so mad I could stab a daisy (but I won't cause that would be stupid).

Horrible Histories - Celtic Boast Battle

Every reason to attack
No excuses for a whack
Go berserk Miss Piggy style
Kermit's legs are gonna fry

Lordi - Girls Go Chopping

Is like my reflection in the mirror

Overcome! to make it to the other side of this wall
The shards of the world that might go berserk
Are slowly peeling off to fade away into a daydream

iosys - Daydream Syndrome

Mark like, "I don't know, what's the bar deal?"
Dean like, "I'm on a roll in Guitar Hero"
Dicky looking like he about to choke on his lamb gyro
Sam looking let down, 'bout to go berserk
Mark put his sweats on, now he rolling purp
Dean blacked out, he ain't even on the earth

Lil Dicky - Classic Male Pregame

I always play and never work
But they sell us all the bait
The western way
I go berserk I go

Electric Guest - American Daydream

My axes are fury, I'm mighty like Thor
Pentakill's on the field, hear my drums of war

I'm surging from the battle to the brim with berserker rage
You're unable to escape once I've got a Phage
My power's unmatched, striking like a bolt of lightning

Falconshield - This Is War 4: Freljord