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My love

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Her fire burns differently
Her kissing,her sigh,her smiling, different
Her place is on my heart's first place
I have found the peace on her arms
I am helpless in the vagabond nooks
The loneliness of my nights is cold like icy
My love(person) was born like day
To my pitch black
When I was desperate
She rescued me
From now on
If I die I don't worry
The sorrow,load of this world
Don't matter
This heart suffered and sorrowed much
This heart always burnt and went out flaming
But It didn't abnegate its faith to the love
At least this destiny smiled to its face
There is no need to talk
If she wants,my all is her
If she wants,my this soul kills for her one smiling
When my body catchs fire in your body
As If the time stops in this body
Her one breath is worth worlds
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Gun Gibi

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