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    All Day

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All Day versuri

Whispered devotions
Our bodies in motion
We laid our hands in mud and made bricks for a temple
Wrote our names in the clay
Time went like water
A son and a daughter
Frame by frame defined by moments in moments
The wings of a bird
The tongue of a snake
So we’ve come this far
If we sit and wait
Well we got all day
All day
Those weathered devotions
Are not magic potions
The stains remain and remind us of monument moments
In the bricks of our temple
Our names still in clay
It was there that I told you
Well we’ve come this far
So let’s sit and wait
Cause we got all day
All day
Just like I told you
Forever I’d hold you
It’s been half our lives
And it’s made me great
And we’ve got all day
Yeah we got all day
All day
Just like I told you


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