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Hero machine

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Snout of barbed wire, that's how they call you
You've got no courage and don't hide yourself
They want to see tears
Hohey! Hohey!
Snout of barbed wire, with all power
Hits year by year, you want to escape
Getting on your black horse
Riding homewards to your castle
Do you go with me
May I be with you
I will be your knight
Stand by me, don't leave me alone
And you can be the victim
Do you go with me
May I be with you
In the castle with flickering candles
Stand by me, don't leave me alone
This sorld will be mine
Snout of barbed wire - reality
He doesn't like who makes him out
But makes a friendly face to a bad game
Wiring himself up to the hero machine at home.
Do you go with me
May I be with you...
The sky is clear, the eyes are wide
That's how he lost space and time
The lance is securely in the knight's hand
And nobody ever recognized him
That's how he spends night after night
Bringing home the dragon's head from the fight
Maids lying down to his feet
Fighting for his collar
Always getting on his black horse
And always going to war
He got the highest range
The hero machine devoured him
Do you go with me
May I be with you...
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The lyrics have been corrected, you may want to update your translation.
Only real change:
"Hast nicht den Mut und wehrst dich nicht"