Garmarna - Herr Holkin (traducere în Engleză)

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Sir Holkin

"Sir Holkin has my favour won
- Promise me wild roses -
To pledge my heart to him alone."
- While the others are asleep he's at play in the evening -
"And if Sir Holkin has won your heart,
From me and my home you must depart."
And the queen would all her maidens warn
And teach them to keep their honour from harm
"Oh had I a trusty friend and true
To carry word to Sir Holkin now!"
The falsest maid was quick to speak:
"It is I the messenger you seek."
And when she came to Sir Holkin's home,
Before her stood Holkin all alone.
"I'm sent by Kerstin to you to say
You must ride to her ere the close of day.
"She has born a daughter to you today,
And she is blacker than the blackest clay."
"Then give to her these bottles of wine
To drink all sorrow away from her mind.
"Tell her no more to grieve or sorrow,
And I will ride to her tomorrow."
Then the wine from the bottles this false maid drank
And filled them with water by the riverbank.
"This water is a token Sir Holkin sent
That he never will ride to you again."
Sir Holkin stood not far away
And heard every word that this maiden did say.
"O Kerstin, don't turn away from me.
Untrue to you I will never be."
"Let the false maid be buried alive in the clay,
For an innocent heart she tried to betray."
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