Yoshiko Yamaguchi - Huanxiang de Ni (幻想的你) (traducere în Engleză)


Huanxiang de Ni (幻想的你)

幻想的你 依戀著身影 等你天地殞滅
那多事的月 恰似幻想
啊 雲兒飄舞 像胸中的火
夜鶯嘹亮 無限的啜鳴
煩悶中 那遺留身影 在那深處
拿著那吉他 在彈唱
低吟那般無力 哀求憐秋天
心情寂寥 無盡的悲傷
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Fantasizing About You

Fantasizing about you,Snuggled against the shadow,
Waiting for your Heaven and Earth to be perished.
The nosy moon,Appears to be nostalgic.
Oh~ The clouds are dancing,Like the fire in the chest.
The nightingale’s singing is loud and clear,Whimpering infinitely.
In the depressed state that shadow left behind,In that deep spot.
Carrying that guitar,Playing and singing.
Humming like there is no energy,Pleading and pitying the autumn sky.
Feeling lonely,Infinite sorrow.
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