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Humble Residence

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I'm going to wait here for you
I hope you'll answer the phone, even if it's a collect call
Today I'm not going out
Because my car is broken
And I can't afford to spend money.
When you get here
Scream for me in front my house
And I'll come running to get you
There's no one here,
But I'll leave the light on.
I gave you my phone number and address
That day I saw you leaving your home
I know you always gave me attention, you even said you loved me.
Now you've changed, you graduated from college
I'm not even halfway done with school
You are very different
I'm behind and you're ahead,
I'm crazy to get you.
I'm going to wait for you
At my humble home
So that we can make love.
But I ask you to have a little bit of patience,
The bed is broken and it doesn't have a blanket.
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Humilde residência

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