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lash out

Postat de neslim.han.7 la 2015-01-20

Idiomatic translations of "lash out"

پاچه گرفتن

Meanings of "lash out"


Attack suddenly and violently

Explicat de neslim.han.7neslim.han.7 la Marţi, 20/01/2015 - 19:41
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When one person is so bad tempered that you even can't speak to him/her and he/she might answer u irascibility.
In this case Persian people say he/she attacks u and bites your foot like a dog.

Explicat de hosseinghanbarloohosseinghanbarloo la Duminică, 24/04/2016 - 10:47
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jogar na cara
desabafar umas verdades
explodir com alguém
esculhambar com alguém

Explicat de claro translatorclaro translator la Miercuri, 16/10/2019 - 19:10
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"lash out" în versuri

Nekfeu - She's raining

We saw each other naked, openly making fun of each other
Our screens serving as barricade, we would send each other long texts
You would lash out at me for going to see my weird-looking brothers

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - MIC Drop

Yeah who says my spoon is dirty
I don’t care I grab the mic, I got several golden spoons
I lash out, y’all undercooked, several of you steaks
I’ll chew you out repeated, on the evening of the stars’

Sunwoo Jung-A - Propose

Looking at no one but you
Have you ever done this
You would lash out though

BLANCO (Italy) - Pornography (White Paradise)

I would like to give her to you, like a rose

You do it until you lash out
Until you calm down

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - MIC Drop (Remix)

Yeah someone says my spoon's filthy
I don’t care, when I grab MIC I beat them who got golen spoons
And lash out, there are many rare steaks not cooked properly
I'll be chewing over and over at the star's dinner

Stringstorm - Rylanor's Last Stand

Who is not without the will to fight!

I watch the Dreadnought lash out in wrath
His blows deflected away from their path

Jul - Do the Moonwalk

[Outro : Soprano & Jul]
Before to lash out at us, do the moonwalk
Don't make the thug, do the moonwalk

Eminem - Rhyme or Reason

Zip your lip if you dish it but can't take it
Too busy gettin' stoned in your glass house
To kick rocks, then you wonder why I lash out
Mr. Mathers as advertised on the flyers, so spread the word

Honeyworks - Who I Really Am

Sorry, I'm not a good girl,
I'm begrudging and I lash out, I'm destructive,
and I cause trouble.

Suicideboys - $uicideboy$ Were Better In 2015

Rope in hand I tied the noose, it's open
Another night blacked out, lying on the bathroom floor
I ain't gonna back out, I ain't gonna lash out
I guarantee I'll have some more

Five Finger Death Punch - Cold

I'm begging for forgiveness, everything I've done
If God is listening, He knows I'm not the only one
It's okay to lash out from the rules that I'm enslaved
But somehow someday, I'll have to turn the page

Vitaa - Discord

You wanted us to settle down together
Now look, we talk just to lash out at each other
You wouldn’t take your time

Ycare - Go Out

I make fun of the day or my hands tremble
From wanting to lash out at the morning
That comes to take up the turmoils

Nothing More - Go To War

Are we drunk on the chemicals?
Every feeling in my bones
Tells me to lash out and tell you to fuck off
You've got my heart and I've got your soul

Amon Amarth - The Way of Vikings

Not enemies

They lash out with ferocious force
The fight grows more intense

Rumi - O ‌‌‌Beauty Goddess! Be True To Me in Your Heart

O beauty goddess1! Be true to me in your heart
And may I be but at your feet then, lash out at my heart

  • 1. Lit. [beautiful] idol

Usurum - You are too

And right under your bedsheet in silence,
you are playing hide-and-seek with life and another day, another night will pass
The world is getting narrower suddenly, and behind your wet eyes there are rivers that want to flow, to lash out

Mae Muller - Better Days

In that all white dress with her back out
Say be careful with her heart, ’cause it’s fragile
And thinkin’ ’bout her past make her lash out
See with me it ain’t no worries at all

Cinderella (Musical) - Unfair

You took my purple broach


Antonella (Greece) - Foul

On the second one, I will rip all of your expensive clothes
On the third foul I will smash your car
I will end this match and I will lash out at you