like night and day

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Idiomatic translations of "like night and day"

poles apart
(as) like chalk and cheese
wie Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
weit auseinander (Meinung usw.)
wie Katz und Maus
Diametralmente opposti
Come sole e luna
Agli antipodi
Cómm’o sóle e ‘a luna
تفاوت از زمین تا آسمان
на разных полюсах
Polos opuestos

Meanings of "like night and day"


Meaning: completely different (when comparing)

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"like night and day" în versuri

Anuel AA - Hypocrite

Inside someone else there’s hypocrisy
Bipolar like night and day
I would eat you out, and the love flowed

Notre-Dame de Paris (Musical) - To Live

To love
Like night and day
To love

LeeSsang - Tears

[Gary, Leessang]
After you left, I’m always sad
No matter how sad I am,
the sadness is not enough

Halid Bešlić - It’s just right

Is just right, its just right

Everything is clear like night and day
To enjoy my time wth you

Descendants 3 (OST) - Break This Down

[Verse 1: Dove Cameron (Mal)]
It's time to bring together
Time for a brand new start

Marianne Rosenberg - I am like you

I am like you
We're like sand and sea.
That's why I need you so

Zeynep Bakşi Karatağ - I Don't have luck, My Fortune Is Dark

Is there anyone pulling the load of the world like me?
Is there anyone tearing down night and day like me?
I don't have luck, my fortune is dark. May this kind of life sink to the ground.
Is there anyone hitting the grave and dying like me?

Souad Massi - I and You

You and I/Are like the sun and the moon
The first burns, the second testifies, helpless against torture
You and I/Are like night and day
As one appears, the other vanishes

T-ara - Day And Night

I love you though my heart hurts, though you are looking someplace else
Like a scarecrow, like a sad doll, I will always be waiting

Just like day and night comes, love has found me too

Merone - Do Not Talk To Me

Puts my phone on silent. silent.
do not talk to me.
No, fuck it i'm timeless, over me like night and day,
I know, they know that b#tch is crazy

Julio Sosa - Junk Shop

That the world is and always will be
rubbish, I already know it.
In the year five hundred ten
and in two thousand, too:

Master's Sun (OST) - Day And Night

Where are you, what are you doing?
Thoughts of you have
switched my days and nights
I get dizzy, my head spins

Carlos Rivera - For you

There are mute loves, they lost their voice
there are cruel loves, that turn their back on you in the end
there are warm loves that disappear
and others that seem to grow from nothingness

Barbara Pravi - Rude love

I want to get your sweet dependence back
To forget that nothing stagnates
That humans call their fails, experiences
So that finally by dint of trying they win

Enrique Santos Discepolo - Junk Shop

That the world was and will be a piece of trash
I already know...
In 506
and in 2000 as well!

Ong Seong Wu - Heart Sign

This moment, you and I, the feeling is crazy
It’s the same elevation as above the waves

Sensational feeling

La Oreja de Van Gogh - MI LIFE WITHOUT YOU

one more day
starts again
the moon sleeps in san sebastian
seek thing to do

Caroline Costa - You and I

Like life and the world
like night and day
like laughter and tears

Patrick Fiori - 4 Words on a Piano

Don't we ever love enough?

You were my life like night and day.
You two tied, intertwined my perfect love.

Drake - Fake Love

Yeah, straight up to my face, tryna play it safe
Vibe switch like night and day, I can see it like right away
I came up, you changed up, I caught that whole play