Pass over

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Meanings of "Pass over"


يتجاهل -يتغاضى أو يستعرض - يتناول في عجالة

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1. To hand something to someone, often by giving it to someone or multiple people in between who then in turn hand it to the recipient. To hand over something, to give them possession of it. "Please pass over that bill so I can pay it."
2. To skip, ignore, or disregard, due to unpleasance (someone or something). "He was passed over at work ,they said because he didn't work well with others."
3. To cross overhead in relation to something below. "A flock of geese just passed over in a 'V' formation."
4. Passover, a Jewish holiday, it is always capitalized and one word.

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"Pass over" în versuri

Mot (Russia) - Goosebumps

For a little bit or for a lifetime

I will pass over us with goosebumps
For a little bit or for a lifetime

Dimitris Mitropanos - Rosa

My love, from coal and brimstone,
How time has changed you so,
The vehicles pass over us,
And I in the fog and in the rainshower,

Il Divo - Passerà



Jhay Cortez - Dry Law

They're talking badly about you, but I don't believe them (I don't believe them)
Flipping off all these envious girls
And I'll pass over all these envious guys (Brr)
Light it (Light it), and pass it (Pass it)

Madreblu - Certainly

and let me rest.

Surely it will pass over me
I will forget you immediately

Yorushika - moonlight

It's no use thinking about it, I wanna be child forever.
"Someday If I pass over"... what a empty imagination.
“what are we going to be in future?”

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (OST) - Annihilate

I'm stronger, on missions, ain't no foldin', a soldier (Soldier)
My vision persistent, I took the game, it's over (It's over)
I made a name, it's global (It's global), my enemy pass over (Hey)
I took the way to the top (Top), I had to learn to be smart (Smart)

Mara Kayser - Whenever you think you can't go on

And a little spark of hope,
Returns, bringing you better fortune.
Dark clouds pass over,
And the sun shines on you again.

Korpiklaani - The Windless

the winter road of throstles would pass over me!
I see the throstles’ journeys from my ice.
The winter road would pass over me!
The silent Windless is on the snow!

Aleandro Baldi - It Will Pass

that kills us with illusions
and with the age of songs
it will pass over us
sooner or later we'll all be done in the bank

A Korean Odyssey (OST) - If You Were Me

these words hurt me so much

If you pass over your space and enter in my time
honestly you would come to know that I hurt as much as you

Splean - Dance

And Big ladle in the sky all there

Pass over the bottle of scotch-
And you're reading all my thoughts...

Elena Ledda - Why don’t you return

Why did they hide the sea
In this land of so little sun?
The wave is a pinch of salt
Close to this sand of mine.

- Lieutenant Golitsyn

And lead our girls into the cabinet.

We pass over the gloomy Don in squadron,
The Russian land inspires us to battle,

Dead Can Dance - Song of the Stars.

Wrapped, luminous wind,
We make a road for the spirits to pass over.
For the Spirits to pass over.

Zhang Zhehan - Journey

How long does it take for the tunnel to reverberate? To defend in the dark and to speak up against silence. Dignity will grow by breaking through the ground.
Set free and up and out from the muddy bondage.
I wish to pass over the hesitation in the world.
How long does it take to release the scorching heat? To break through the misguided night expedition and the illusion in the mirror, and unfreeze the freedom that lies ahead.

Zheani - Litany Against Fear

Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration
I will face my fear
I will permit it to pass over me and through me
And when it has gone pass, I will turn the inner eye to see its path

Yardena Arazi - The sun should pass over me

Oh My God, my God,
Only prayer I bring (before you),
That the sun should pass over me,
And take me on the journey

Eli Türkoğlu - my endless story

you know, missing someone is worse than dying
pass over your pride, just come back
pains will all come out in the wash

Ural Bâtır - Ural Bahadır

turning into flooding waters,

that your foe may not pass over,