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Pop a bean

Meanings of "Pop a bean"


"Bean" is a kind of drug (Slang). The meaning of the idiom is "putting drugs in the mouth".

"When she pop a bean..."


"Bean" bir tür uyuşturucudur (Argoda). Deyimdeki anlamı ise "uyuşturucu ağıza atmak"'tır.

"O uyuşturucu hapını ağzına attığında..."

"Pop a bean" în versuri


Meet me at the tree, and she asks: "Are you scared of me?"
Yeah I am, but it don't matter, 'cause you look like
Marceline, when she pop a bean
And she rock with me, I pull up to the scene

21 Savage & Metro Boomin - Ghostface Killers

Metro Boomin want some more nigga

Automatic (auto), automatics, in the trunk
Shoot the maggots, shoot the maggots with the pump

Juice WRLD - I'll Be Fine

But in the meantime
Bitch, it's lean time
Pop a bean time 'cause it ain't killing me
My lil' bro keep a .40, they thought his ass was security - Scream and Shout (Remix)

This little chain like 40 thou
All eyes on me, thugged out
Pop a bean, that’s the old me
Molly’s here, we don’t fight fair

Lil Peep - Benz Truck Pt II

Baby call me up, tryna fuck
Cause she know I'm finna get the Benz truck
Good luck mothafucka
I was in the cut gettin sucked from another bitch

LIL GIMCHI - 아직도 (Still)

자기 싫어 잠 자면 악몽만 꾸니
눈 뜨기도 싫어 사는게 싫으니
이 고독한 도시 속 나는 아직도 외롭지
내 마음 내 고통 아무도 이해못하지

NAV - Champion

[Verse 2: NAV]
Fucked a famous girl to "Mask Off" (Molly, Percocet)
Pop a bean and let the bags talk (Bags talk)
Bought ten bottles on a last call (Last call)

Unofficialboyy - BETTER OFF

해가 저문 뒤에 그제서야 good mornin‘
알람은 껐지 no beep 울어 phone ringing'
시야는 흐릿해 then i pop a lotta bean
더는 안해 확신은 delete 놀면 벌리니까

Huncho Jack - Motorcycle Patches

[Chorus: Travis Scott]
Motorcycle patches on my jacket
Rip all the money out the plastic
Put it on her tongue and now she dancin'

Lil Pump - Molly

Drippin' designer, Burberry my sweater
Lil Pump pulled up, he changin' the weather (brr, brr)
I pop a molly, I pop a bean
I fuck your bitch 'cause she down for the team

Jake Webber - Green

Yeah, yeah yeah

[Verse 1]

RetcH - Fresh Off Tour

Po' dat drank, Pop a bean, I'm the fuckin' man
Po' dat drank, Pop a bean, I'm the fuckin' man
Po' dat drank, Pop a bean, I'm the fuckin man

Prompto - Phantom Mode

I be going ghost mode phantom
Shawty little thicc she a dancer
Ima fuck nicole Aniston
Feelin my self not random.

Futuristic Swaver - See Me Winnin

U try to give advice i dont need it
These bitches change up like the season
I swear to god They dont wanna see me winnin
All the bitches wanna trap or die on me right now

Mental age7 - El Beso

I just wanna her buy
Diamonds on ma ring
Im confused pop me a bean
Make up in the film

PlayinZaddy - Moncler

Rockin Double C
She just suck a dick
I never pop a bean
I just get the drip

BONES - HoldOnForDearLife

Who would have thought that I could make it down this path?
I don't know and I don't care
You pop a bean and you falling asleep
I roll a blunt then I'm up for a week