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[Intro: Karuzo]
Genetikk is the gang, Karuzo, Sikk
[1. Verse: Karuzo]
Machine gun rap, free-track
I rap like Raekwon, mic check yah, Chicago kid gangster
I bring old school, you want action? Not on my watch
You flow doesn't have a grip like Teflon and crack, I rap in best form
Fresh for cash, drown you in the Jaccuzi
Get the Uzi when you see me and my crew
Damn, how much style is the limit?
How many rhymes can I kick?
How many snares do I have air without suffocating from it?
Can I kick it? Nigger, hands off my business
Click click shit, once I get going, then properly
I destroy, send thunderbolts
Overworking my lung with poisoned shit, yeah,
Damn, more killer isn't possible
If you ask me how long I'll keep rapping - dude, forever
Underground and me is magnetically somehow
And rappers have to think of us, every time it rains, yoah
[2. Verse: Karuzo]
Aiyyo partner, stop your blah blah
In case of continued babbled, I would get the AK
Hunt down your mama, across the panama canal,
to the Bahamas
You want to fuck german rap, but over here there's double anal
Banana zoo, we lift off like the NASA
With Jun-chu like ninjas, now it gets fatal
Voodoo shaman, abracadabra, three times black cat
Open Sesame, samsara
Genetikk Mafia, he comes fresh out of the reactor
Sikk presets the beat, multiplies the factor
Mutate overnight from a gorilla to a genius
Don't ask how, I am the greatest rapper of this galaxy
Shaolin the reincarnation of the magic, I am psycho
Diagnosis: too much imagination
Although I see everything transparently like the Dalai Lama
Everyone wants to rap now, but you hoes are missing the Karma
[3. Verse: Karuzo]
Aiyyo my virus is chronic, one microscopically small dose is enough
And you bloke are running a temperature tropically and that not only metaphorically
Infection through the ear, incubation 3 minutes, pandemic
Relentless like a rhino in panic
I come riding up with a squadron amazon
On armored panthers and stamping elephants
The king in the jungle
And who claims something else talks with a forked tongue,
Ay yo, yo, 11.11.2011 Samsara!
(Outro: Karuzo) [2x]
No one digs Optik, no one is on Aggro, everyone wants
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Comentariile autorului:

'Optik' and 'Aggro' was a reference to the then german major labels Optik Records and Aggro Berlin. He was signed to Selfmade Records (still is). They are enemies

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