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But it was not like this

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Maybe it was enough to breath
Just breath a little
Until to take back every beat (heartbeat?)
And not look for the time to go away (don't go away)
Because it cannot be a habit
December without you
(the person) Who stay there hope for the impossible
But not
There is no more time to explain
To ask if I gave you love
I am here and I would have to tell you more (more)
Why are breaking between the teeth the most important things
These words that we never use
And I am diving inside the pain to let them come up
Bring them here, one per one here
You feel them, how they weight and stay on us forever
And if you are missing, I don't know how to repeat them
I cannot tell them anymore
But not
Here it is raining of remembering
And I would do more than admit it is late
How much I would like to be able to speak more (more)
But not
I do have time any longer to explain
I had me too (me) something to hope in front of me
Something to finish together with you
Maybe it is enough to me to breath
To breath only a little
Maybe it is late, maybe but not
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I did a word per word translation, so you can follow the text in Italian and English.


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