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They were worn out at fifteen
They neared the end right from the start
It was December all the year round
What a life our grandparents had
Between absinthe and high mass!
They were old before being born
Bodies on a leash fifteen hours a day
Turned their faces ashen grey
Yes our Lordship, yes our good Master
Why did they kill Jaurès?
Why did they kill Jaurès?
If it can’t be said they were slaves
That’s no reason to claim they had a life
When you start up already defeated
It’s hard to get out of your patch
And yet hope flourished
In the dreams that came to the eyes
Of the few who refused
To grovel until old age
Yes our good Master, yes our Lordship
Why did they kill Jaurès?
Why did they kill Jaurès?
If, God forbid, they survived
It was to go off to the war
It was to snuff it in the war
Under orders from some swashbucklers
Who grudgingly demanded
That they go and gamble their stillborn youth
In the battlefield of horror
And they died in full terror
All destitute, yes, our good Master
With priests’ blessings, yes, our Lordship
Ask yourselves, you bright young things
Just long enough for a fleeting memory
Just long enough to let out a sigh
Why did they kill Jaurès?
Why did they kill Jaurès?
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MadByMartinMadByMartin    Luni, 19/01/2015 - 15:57

Very well handled; the lyrics are subtle in French and you've captured the feelings precisely. Many thanks... such a heartfelt song for those going to the first world war.