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The island

I was an island,
Humble, sincere and warm,
My body was (like) a soft bed for the waves to make love,
I was beloved by the wet eyes of the waves,
A pure green gem
On the sea’s ring,
Till one day you came
Stepped on my heart,
And left me (I was left) with the sorrows of love,
Under the heavy shower of your gaze
My heart got overturned,
To gain your love
My whole world (body) turned into dreams (I wanted you from the bottom of my heart),
As you started to breathe
My breath seemed stuck in my chest,
And the clouds, the wind and the sea told me
That this is the feeling of love,
You entered my fate
Stepped inside with no excuse,
But when a boat came
You left me and my heart,
You left with your boat of love
Towards the brightness of tomorrows,
But I sat with my heart
Waiting for you at the seashore,
There are no longer any flowers or trees on my soil
The moments without you pass, but they pass hardly,
My abandoned and lonely heart is dying in this corner of the world
But even at the time of death it is asking for you,
There will come the day when the bottom of the sea will be my house
But I’d stay somewhere in your sea of love…
Postat de Hossein Abdi la Miercuri, 23/05/2012 - 12:49
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One of the best songs I've ever heard Regular smile

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