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When all this is in the past

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Days without light, morning without a rooster,
Nights without stars , a bird without its nest
The sky isn't blue nor does the grass smell,
What are our crazy minds doing over there?
Everything I want to say always ends up last.
Visa, crisis (duldung ofental?)
Berlin, Austria, (malme vurpetal?)
Up, down everywhere I look there are empty fields
Did we deserve to have it any better?
Everything I wish to say always ends up last
If there is no Bosnia
We will not exist
We are just a bloody spot
On the white mans tv screen
We are the one's who need to quietly disappear
What are our lives worth to them?
What do they know about beauty?
Let the lies remain forever hidden underneath the mud.
One day when all this is in the past
When the sun rises, and it will rise
Don't let the pain weigh you down
Because you weren't there when it was the toughest?
Give me the day when you're happy
Give me just a bit of warm summer
Give me dreams that the night doesn't ruin
Be the hand that defends Bosnia
Be the hand that feeds Bosnia
So that tomorrow our dreams can turn into reality
One day when all this is in the past
You will put your grandson in your lap
When Bosnian winters become the hardest (toughest)
you will say, I was there
when it was the hardest (toughest)
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Kad sve ovo bude juče

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azmo95    Luni, 11/05/2015 - 14:40

Duldung- Tolerance/sufferance German
Ofental- Mountain peak in Germany
Malme- place in Sweden

It is pretty much talking about where all Bosnians went.