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We are just listening to the Heaven

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Is there love in the air
Is it safe to be outside today
Or is both God and Allah
Being in work sharing program
I'm not going to open the outdoor,
Our history of the future is sneaking there
And I don't peek under the mat,
Innocence of this world is sweeped under it
But at least I can pray...
Chorus:And so we are listening to the heaven,though it doesn't answer
God has fallen asleep or he's continuing his creating
I guess somewhere on the other side of the space,or where ever
I will get an answer after I die,but this is such a long road
Is everything alright,USA?
Has it been warlike enough there?
Or is love in the air,that was invented there in the Hollywood
Has evil got its pay*.when the good one has sold her anecdotes to him
Or her image in the mirror...
Chorus 2x
Disposable made in use in this life,a day is recycling another
I am begging for time from the night,answers are left in the wind
Where are you hiding,God?
Are you inside or outside me?
Or behind everything...?
Postat de sorvari la Joi, 16/12/2010 - 18:52
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*Finnish proverb,meaning if one does something bad,it will come back in a way or another (what goes around comes around)


Kuunnellaan vaan taivasta

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