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The Difference

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Although you loses the time without my love
and although you don´t want this love that i offers you
and although you don´t want to pronounce my humble name
anyway i still loving you
I know that never you can love me ever
That for your love I reach too late
you don´t despise me,
not my fault,
Don´t be so bad
because you are
who i want to fall in love
how can i hurt you if i love you
if you don´t love me, i understand
i know perfectly that i do not born for you
but what i can do if i love you
let me live in this way
i love you so and without conditions
without wait that someday you will love me like i do
i am conscious, my love, that you never loves me
Maybe tomorrow i awake alone
but, for this moment i want to be dreaming
you do not awake me
dont you see that i am happy so
i am conscious, my love
that you are not for me
is not necessary that you despise me
You put yourself in my place to see what would you do
The difference between you and me
maybe would be, my hearth
that I, in your place, will love you
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