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The Difference

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Even though you waste the time you don't have my love,
And even though you don't want this love I offer you,
And even though you don't want to say my humble name,
It doesn't matter, I will keep loving you.
I know that you will never want to love me.
And to your love, I arrived too late.
Don't hate me,
It's not my fault,
Don't be mean.
Because you are
with whom I want to fall in love.
What harm can I do you by loving you?
If you don't love me, I understand.
I understand perfectly that I was not born for you,
but what can I do if I already love you?
Just let me live this way,
I love you exactly as you are, without conditions, without waiting for the day that you love me as I love you.
I'm aware, my love, that you will never love me.
Maybe tomorrow I will wake up alone,
but, for this moment, I wish to keep dreaming.
Don't wake me,
don't you see that I'm happy this way?
I'm aware, my love,
that you are not for me.
There no reason to hate me,
put yourself in my place and let's see what you would do.
The difference between me and you,
maybe, my love,
is that if I were in your place,
I would love you.
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