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The Old Boat

The old sailor is no longer
and no one will come to cry him—
neither a friend nor a woman.
Only the old wooden boat
like a widow remained there,
lying on its side in the sand.
The old rusty anchor,
the oars, the heavy net—
the only witnesses to joys and tears.
So many memories
from all of the days sleeping there,
in the wood of the old boat.
It was before the sun rose
that they went out on the sea, both
having only the clouds
to guide their travels—
and the stars in the heavens.
Where are the blue mornings?
The big birds playing
hide and seek in the hollows of the waves
when the boat and the sailor
watched the mornings dawn
at the hour when the stars vanished.
The old sailor is no longer.
The old boat remained there
waiting no doubt for a wave
that will then carry it away.
It will be able to make that day
one final trip.
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La vieille barque

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