Las Hermanas Sisters (traducere în Engleză)

traducere în Engleză

The Hermanas Sisters

Men carry hanging
a little cilinder, a little cilinder,
what say that is to give us
pleasure, pleasure.
They presume that a handspan
is the national average
but that they don't make the grade
is the most common.
What do they have, what do they have
that we girls don't have?
What do they have, what do they have?
A span more, a span less,
a span less, a span more,
what difference does it make?
If a man accomplishes in the bed
like he should, like he should,
who has fun in measuring it
with a king foot, with a king foot?
Before entering in the subject,
my daughters, measure
that not always come together
quantity and quality.
Nobody do the rooster
Kikiriki, Kikiriki
for not having to crouch
for peeing, for peeing.
If for a sad flap
someone thinks he's superior
may he shows it in a vase
with mothballs.
That we girls don't have?
What do they have, what do they have?
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Las Hermanas Sisters

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