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He's gotta be cheeky

Yesterday I was at my gran's
and she asked me:
"What kind of boys do you like?"
Answering I told her:
I'm open to all sorts,
I like to take a wide view.
But there is one thing
on which I won't be moved!
⎡He can be tall, he can be short,
but he has to be cheeky.
Whether he's fat, whether he's thin,
That doesn't matter to me.
If he's rich – wouldn't be so bad,
If he's poor – that's no matter.
I have no special wishes, just –
he's gotta be cheeky.⎦
Yes, there are many great boys,
but they've got no nerve.
I much prefer those
who like a lark from time to time.
Because with one of those there is always
something to laugh about,
And then I can be sure
that life would never be boring.
(Yodelling etc)
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A Lausbua muass er sei

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