Le corridor (traducere în Engleză)

traducere în Engleză

The Hallway

A soul has begun dancing
Like a veil on thought
Dance to make me sing
Eyes closed to better see you
The end of a big black hole
Forget about the mémoire*
Of an improvised act
My soul, would you like to dance?**
A tree has been outlined
All along my back
As with every uprooted thing
Its roots are at the top
Everybody saw only the bark
The form disguised the force
As for me, I burn from head to toe
My body, do you want to leave me?**
Alone, together
The higher we are, the more everything joins together
How beautiful it is
To let everything live without saying a word
Alone, together
The farther we are, the more alike we are
Rest is dying to learn to live
To let live is dying when we have to
My head started moving
Like the tip of a candle
Reason goes up in smoke
We won't need it anymore
The flame leaves from both sides
As for me, I burn from head to toe
In the middle of my body
A long walkway goes up
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**notice the singer (in this song, not Fiori but Fauteux) speaks of the soul with more formality than the body, exemplifying the theme of the song, that is, detachment from material consciousness and the acceptance thereof


Le corridor

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