Françoiz Breut - Le Ravin (traducere în Engleză)

traducere în Engleză

The Ravine

Here we are my love
Arrived at the edge of the ravine
And I know my love
You do not understand anything
What dreams do you have on sunny days
But today it is the end
Now it's your turn
You must let go of my hand.
My love
I'm going to abandon you on the edge of the ravine
My love
It is far from the first morning
I'm already in love
Jumped into the ravine
Because I know that my love is there
But that changes nothing
Want to jump, my love?
I'll take another path
And look for a detour
You must let go of my hand
My love goes to the bottom of the ravine
My love, he is far
The first morning.
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