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Joe's Return

Years, years to think over, to reflect, but it's impossible to accept that this adventure's at its end.
Miss Acacia haunts me still whatever I do, whatever I want, I'll find her again and I'll find him who blinded my eye.
So now I'm back and I'm coming to wreak havoc on history, I'll not stay in Edinburgh and languish in despair
It's no longer enough to see her in my dreams, I've come to get her back, or die if I don't try.
For her, I've crossed all of Europe, to the sound of her voice and the remembrance of her sweet face, to say that I'll see her once more.
I'll face my worst enemy again, that puny shrimp Little Jack, and in approaching I heard once more that famous tic-tac.
Miss Acacia recognized my voice and I understood that Jack would be no pushover.
I found the one I loved, but I also found my old adversary.
I saw him with my one eye and I suddenly felt the pressure rising.
I saw the hate in Jack's eyes, and that we needed to talk. I told him I was no longer the same man and that blindness had changed me, that I had suffered from being different, that I wasn't there to seek revenge.
I had hurt him in the past and he had blinded my eye, and we were now even, I think, and that I came back for one thing only: that Miss Acacia leave him.
I understand that Jack hates me, that for years I was the cause of all his suffering: humiliation, persecution, I exposed him to all the pain.
But it's his fault only, from the first day of class, he made the mistake of speaking to me about MY Miss Acacia, he had signed his death warrant there and then.
So that is the point we have in common, that we'd do anything for her and now that we've grown, the time for petty quarrels and fights is over.
I want to return to Edinburgh with my head high and Miss Acacia at my side.
I propose a conventional duel to Jack, now may the best win.
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Le Retour de Joe

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