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The meaning of life

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I felt sleepy and I closed my eyes
I didn't even notice the sky was blue
I woke up under a brand new sun
And since that day, nothing's been the same
Spotlights warming my heart
Deep inside, I'll never be afraid again
I've found the meaning of the reason that carries me away
Every step I take on the stage
I've found the meaning of the life I live
And I love it
It's obvious - I've found my path
So I fly away but I don't forget
The lyrics to a childhood song
That remind where I'm from, what makes me lucky
An artificial light making my eyes glitter
And I come out of the shadow, I know what I want
(chorus x2)
Between logic and absurdity, you always lose your way
When you don't put some love in what you do
That's maybe what makes ambition so fascinating
It's in my voice, that's why I sing
(chorus x2)
Even when the sky clouds up
There's always a star
Twinkling to guide us on the way to our dreams
And when you believe, a new day rises
(chorus x2)
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Le sens de la vie