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Tender wishes

Would that I be the bracken
on which, as the day closes,
rests this shepherdess of mine
under love's watchful eye!
Would that I be the Zephyr
refreshing her nice figure,
the air her mouth breathes in,
the flower born in her step.
Would that I be clear water
welcoming her in my midst!
Would that I be finery
wrapping her after her bath!
Would that I be the mirror
in which her sweet little face
reveals to our eyes a grace
that smiles to beauty itself!
Would that I could weave a dream
to hold her heart in a spell!
Would that I could cast off lies
and tell her the truth at last!
The gods that brought me into being
made me an ambitious man,
for I wish to be at last
everything that pleases her.
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Les tendres souhaits

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