Les yeux noirs (traducere în Engleză)

  • Artist: Pomplamoose
  • Cântec: Les yeux noirs 2 de traduceri
  • Traduceri: Engleză, Persană
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The Black/Dark Eyes

In your big black eyes
I lost myself
I am waiting for a gaze, my heart hanging
I love so much
You that is scaring me
Is it a bad spell?
Or the bad hour?
And around us,
are signing the Tziganes
No cares,
Get drunk with champagne
In your beautiful dark eyes,
I fall, my love.
And my despair is deaf to their singing
I lose sanity looking for your arms
Burning from passion, come kiss me
with your big black eyes. The strange light
Has shrouded the evening sky of all the mysteries
I am crazy for you, my pretty dark eyed girl.
However, I don't know where our story is going,
It's for my passion, for the black eyes that I
Made this song
Otchi Tchornye!
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Comentariile autorului:

Otchi Tchornye (Очи черные) is Russian for "Black eyes)
The French transcription is not exactly correct and is missing some of the key elements


Les yeux noirs

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