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Imaginary language

To see, to imagine
What is everyone doing right now
And to deprive of astute and careful presence
To participate in the absence anyway, without seeing
But point out on certain habits
Which can be read in the faces
They make themselves heard, knocking on the mind
They propose themselves as
Prey to a visionary state
That drives out in the mind
And it is the torment of the mind
They call, they assail
They are the ways of doing and living
That everyone has
Chosen or beautiful or ugly
We are always all in this company
To share and approve
Something for granted or already seen and heard
Projections of an end of a beginning never started
But continuation of what is taken for granted
And that this is it
An imaginary language
That crushes in the mind
And it is the torment of the mind
Prey to a visionary state
What crushes in the mind
Of the torment of the mind
This is an imaginary language
That crushes my mind
And it is the torment of the mind
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Postat de Berny Devlin la Duminică, 04/02/2018 - 21:38
Adaugat ca răspuns la cererea Alma Barroca
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A good song, written by Giusy for her album with a stronger rock sound - 'Il mio universo'.


Linguaggio immaginario

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Berny Devlin    Duminică, 04/02/2018 - 22:09

Anche questa non era affatto male, Juan, lontana dal solito clichè delle canzoni sentimental/pop; così avendo un po' di tempo, l'ho tradotta volentieri.