listen to yourself

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Meanings of "listen to yourself"


Прислушайся к себе
Второе значение - думаешь только о себе

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ağzından çıkanı kulağın duysun

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"listen to yourself" în versuri

Arijit Singh - Sun is Set

Selfish, be selfish today
why always listen to the world
only listen to yourself sometimes

Elisa (Italy) - Light

Listen to me
Listen to me
Listen to yourself

Wincent Weiss - One Time in Life

Oh-oh-oh (You are perfect, like how you are)
You are perfect, like how you are
Listen to yourself, if you forget
You are perfect, like how you are, how you are

Arijit Singh - Selfish - The sun has set

Be selfish, just be a bit selfish.
Why do you listen to the world?
Just listen to yourself at times.

R.E.M. - It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Six o'clock, TV hour, don't get caught in foreign tower
Slash and burn, return, listen to yourself churn
Lock him in uniform, book burning, bloodletting

Open Kids - Stop People

‘cause we have no fear.
We all bustle around, run, and strive to nowhere,
but listen to yourself and just tell yourself “stop”.

Cherrie - Leave him

A girl on the Red line[fn value="*"]One of the underground lines in Stockholm[/fn]
Maybe it wasn’t him (What?)
Listen to yourself
He’s lying about where he slept

Natacha Atlas - Leesh Nata3arak? (Why are we fighting?)

Why are we fighting each other, when we all have our together?
Why are we fighting, when, in fact, all of us are together?
Listen to yourself, those who know the true value.
Look at "your inside"; you comprehend the truth in yourselves.

WINTΣR CHΣЯЯY - With one touch, I'll show you the space

Leave your doubt at the bottom of your pocket
I won't change myself because of other people's opinions
Listen to yourself, and understand that you are for you and you alone.

Ozan - Obvious

There are so many things experienced, aren't they worth anything?
Put your hand on your heart (listen to yourself) ; Or..

Alessandra Amoroso - Quietly on the edge

But ours[fn]our occasion/chance[/fn] never comes
Don't make me a promise out loud
Or you won't listen to yourself

T1One - He's Not A God To You

You forgot yourself, because you were always remembering you two.
Well, at least you were a goddess....
Listen to yourself!

Conan Gray - Maniac

We had magic, but you made it tragic
Now you’re manic, honestly I’ve had it
Listen to yourself, think you need to get some help

Laura Brehm - Universe

You just need to see what’s in front of you
Don’t listen to their words - do your own thing
Just listen to yourself and make it happen

Gökhan Türkmen - Try!

Maybe, you couldn’t be a good lover.
But the value of your love to me has never decreased.
Don’t listen to others(1)! Listen to yourself!
You know best your place in me.

Ilian - One last time

You're done with me? Don't lie to yourself
Stop, stop, listen to yourself, you're crazy
You're going back to another because I'm gone

Paty Cantú - Luckily It Isn't You

You don't make me sweat

Look at yourself, listen to yourself
What a horror! shut up now!

Lacrimosa - Heart and mind

And whatever touches you
Is, what you really are
Listen to yourself

Akcent - Let me be like this

I've felt many shivers on my skin.
And when it's alright, (as well as) when it's hard,
Always listen to yourself.

The Bangcocks - There's no giving up

What you can't change
let it go and step aside
listen to yourself, your heart
that's where everything begins