Van Gogh - Ludo luda (traducere în Engleză)

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Crazy Fool

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A girl was sitting lonely next to the sea,
talking to herself quietly,
oh my dear god is there anything wider than the sea
Crazy fool, you are young girl, says the fish in the water
there is for something for sure, the sky is wider than my sea
The girl sits alone in the field and sadly says to herself,
oh my dear god, do you have a answer
What is it that i love more than my brother
Crazy fool, you are a young girl, says the bird in the field,
Its your (boyfriend) that you are loving more
The girl is sitting alone next to the fire and talks angrily to herself,
ah my dear god, is there anything faster than a horse
crazy fool, you're young girl says the flame in the fire
there is something faster you crazy fool, eyes are faster than your horse
crazy fool, you're young girl, sugar is sweeter than honey
there is crazy fool, you're loving your boyfriend more than your brother
....... you are mine
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