• Machinae Supremacy

    The Last March of the Undead

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The Last March of the Undead versuri

The things I’ve seen, where I’ve been, if I could tell you, I would
But I’ve no words, I have but these scars under my skin
I always thought they were dreams, certainly not memories
But you are here, what does it mean?
Where do we begin?
From Heaven sent, or the other thing?
I don’t care, I don’t need to know
I am awake, I’m remembering,
our time is never enough
Will you hold on to me?
Embrace me if I toss and turn?
Tell me, do you believe?
Come watch with me, as our world burns
Will you pretend with me,
(that to) what we once were, we will return?
Sky, earth and in-between
Come watch with me, as our world burns
I was alone, it was okay, I never felt quite right in a crowd anyway
My comfort found among selected few, but true to me
I act the part (that) you expect
I was never sure, but it seemed to be
the best disguise, don’t you see?
You never really saw me
We have come to impasse
The universe demands a sacrifice
a balance to restore
That means you and me, not either or
Are you prepared to give everything?
I will not let you go for anything
Screw balance, I want more,
a life worth living for