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He was young, she a little younger
They ran away from home, had enough of the arguments
They wanted their own world, to share entirely everything
Everyone was thinking of their love as a sin
Her parents said to her "Go, you don't even have to come back"
Even the brothers forgot about her quickly
They walked like that through the city for days
Had to find an apartment on their own
There's never enough money, he worked two jobs
Pay for the apartment and food, it costs a lot of money these days
The second year has passed, they've barely made it
They could've went across (the border) but our people aren't there
The day had come, they found out she was pregnant
It was their dream, like, true love
He promised he would always be here to keep them safe
She started crying when she heard her son for the first time
Then he said, mom, mom, mom
Then he said, mom, mom, mom
Then he said, mom, mom, mom
Then he said, mom, mom, mom
But the little one isn't little, he's already in fifth grade now
He needs it for school, get the money ready, nothing's for free
Plenty of things are missing, a lot of it can't be found
In a land full of crime, often an unstable state
He wanted a lot of money and to have so many things
If he has as much, it means a lot of cocaine
And a lot of cocaine means that you're not calm
He's only just in seventh grade and already thinks he's not a kid
So one night he avoided the bullet
But he knew that the intervention unit will come for him
He waited for them for hours, thought about everything
The entire time his mom was in his thoughts
He thought that he could pass above the law
And after ten days he called from prison
Called home, she answered, he didn't wait
He heard his mom crying when he said
Hello mom, mom, mom
And hello mom, mom, mom
And hello mom, mom, mom
Na, na, naj, na, na, naj
Mom, mom, mom
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Mama (Мама)

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