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Maria Moita

I was born in Bahia
To a maid and a foreman
My dad slept in a bed
My mom on the carpet
My dad would say just like that, come here
My mom would say yes, without speaking
Woman who speak much later go on to lose their love
God made man first
Woman was born later
That is why a woman
Always works for both
Man just arrived, he's hungry
Woman has to look after the man
Lying down, get up, woman has to work
The rich wakes up late, already they begin to complain
The poor wakes up early, already they begin to work
I'll ask my babalorixá*
To make a prayer to Xangô**
To put to work those who have never worked
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Comentariile autorului:

* babalorixá is a priest for the afro-brazilian cultures

**Xangô is an orixá, an afro-brazilian deity of the Yoruba people


Maria Moita

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