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Staring at my reflection in front of a window inside Tokyo Tower, I got the feeling that something drew a little bit closer to me
It's only because I can listen to other people's troubles and give convincing answers that I seem to be so reliable
But really, I've always forsaken others, with thoughts of them spilling out of my petty mind
Is this really what it means to be an adult? I've even gotten pretty good at deceiving others
Even simple things like saying goodbye pass right through me
Since things like my seemingly lonely smile are hard enough to erase
It would be nice if we could meet again somewhere, wouldn't it?
But no one's here, as if we were playing hide-and-seek
In this town were we won't even meet
I'm searching, searching, and searching...
The one that was hiding was me all along
Hoping that you wouldn't meet my unstable self
Somewhere again, somewhere again
Hoping that my crumbling self won't have to rely on others
The one that was broken was me all along
Through ambiguous words, I was able to come up with a way out from within this locked room
As I looked at all that's precious to me, I noticed that you'd become afraid of me
I was the only one, all alone
I was the only one, all by myself
I was the only one, so really, it's fine if you just forget about me
Crowds of people passing each other, overflowing with news as I end up being left behind
A window reflects my lonesome self; I'm all alone in the middle of this vortex of a city
I can't stop thinking about how much I've hurt you, and so I've concealed myself
The things I've lost are flowing out of one eye
The things I've grasped with my own two hands are flowing out of the other
They've revealed themselves, revealed themselves
I close my eyes as my overflowing memories get lost in the noise of this town
Maybe it's because I can't understand anything that I've drifted away from others; I'm all alone
I was the only one, all alone
I was the only one, even if I'm all by myself
I couldn't have succeeded; or, did I succeed?
I'm just an insignificant person that ended up being saved
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TK's stuff is very hard to translate, but I somehow managed to pull through with this. I did take a look at another translation ( as reference when proofreading, but for the most part tried to come up with my own take on the lyrics

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