Chitãozinho & Xororó - Meninos Passarinhos (traducere în Engleză)

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Bird children

Versiuni: #1#2
Let's free our voice together
In a gesture of deep love
And the lights of a thousand lighthouses
Will shine for us in the world's stages
And between clapping and flowers
Crowd and singers on the same path
We will be together the children
Fulfilling the fate os being little birds
Together our voices
Have power and magic
When face-to-face
We share energy
Each one of us has already been an artist sometime
And we clap for you
Ho! Ho!
Postat de blackhawk la Sâmbătă, 25/02/2012 - 16:46
Adaugat ca răspuns la cererea richardschneider
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this song makes no sense, really...


Meninos Passarinhos

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richardschneider    Sâmbătă, 25/02/2012 - 18:32

What à shame, such à nice melody, such à great arrangement, but
Such à crappy lyrics. Can't make à good dutch song out of
These lyrics. I have to make my own lyrics on this one....
Thanks for translation anyway!

algebra    Miercuri, 29/02/2012 - 16:34

Are you serious? I wound't say these lyrics are crappy at all, either in Portuguese or in this translation -which looks nice, indeed. All the more, knowing all the "Ai se eu te pego"-crap that has come up lately, these lyrics are nice. Regular smile

ArenaL5    Marţi, 05/03/2013 - 18:51

Thee missing verse is available here.

And I agree with algebra. "Ai se eu te pego" is bad on itself (like a slow version of DUM da DUM da), but the thing that makes it worse is that it's a WORLD HIT. So much that it was translated.