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Your words are full of lies
I know the truth behind your deeds/ I know what you have done
It hurts you to clean the sleep from your eyes
You sleep peacefully as you lose the battles
Acknowledge your sadness and confirm my fears
I can taste it on your body
Keep your heart quiet with an "I love you"
The denial of the evil thoughts is eating you up
I stay quiet as my world falls apart
Except for the bad habits you give me, the one I love
Don't worry, you know that I'm honest
I will hang myself if I ever forget you
You plagiarize the truth, you pollute our world
There's nothing sadder than to have no support
Let go of the shame, stop denying the truth
You fuck every word of truth & eloquence
And, worst of all, the lechery breaks through
You make me oblivious to your naked body
While you lie to me, I take refuge but I don't heal
I am brainwashed by you.
Postat de El Piloto la Luni, 16/04/2012 - 04:34
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Comentariile autorului:

This is a very intense song that I assume is about a woman who is cheating on her lover. As such, some of the translations bear little resemblance to the literal translation as I try to convey the meaning of the song.
Forgive me if this has made the transalation a bit stilted.

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