mess around

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Idiomatic translations of "mess around"

screw around

Meanings of "mess around"


иметь внебрачную половую связь; работать спустя рукава; болтаться без дела

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mess around with smb.: не принимать всерьёз; смеяться над кем-то; оскорблять

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boşa zaman harcamak

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"mess around" în versuri

Piso 21 - call me REMIX

tell me mommy what you
want me to do to you mom
we mess around until you can't anymore
baby from your house I'm gonna pull you out

Dhurata Dora - Laugh Laugh

I don't believe anything coming out of your mouth
Before you began playing this game
you should have thought a little about with whom you mess around

Orelsan - Notes for Too Late

You'd be wasting so much time fighting
There's fights you can't win, especially when you don't pay the rent
Just accept it, there's very little reason to mess around
In your own house, even when you're right

Dat Adam - 700 Main St.

A bottle of Hennessy, two blocks to the Venice Beach
Three idiots that mess around just like Gumball, Darwin and Anais
Turning on the red and blue panel directly on the Sound

Maluma - How I Like It

'Cause I'm gonna make you come
Punish you hard for that criminal offense
You know that I don't mess around, no

Aleksey Vorobyov - She's Crazy but She's Mine

The kinda girl who really loves to dance
She loves to mess around with her friends
Wanna love her now, wanna love her now

Aleksey Vorobyov - She's Crazy But She's Mine

the kind of girl that loves to dance
she loves to mess around with her friends
wanna love her now

MHD - Amina

I'm not too gallant, I grew up in the streets
My crew told me, "Cafu, let it go"
Women hurt you they mess around with you and leave you in the street
It only takes one look to get sucked in

Tita - Antelope

I’ve seen everything of yours, locker in the changing room
Come take a look at yourself, I have a mirror in the bedroom
You have to be proud, I don’t mess around often
I won’t give you change back

Valentin Elizalde - For my enemies

for those who are talking
about the people that work
who don't mess around

Rohff - Thug wedding

I won't give up my family
Don't insult my friends
Don't mess around with painful stuff in my life
My trust is more important than some kisses

Ido B & Zooki - Comes Easy

I'm only a human

There's these people who mess around, a year in India, get wasted
Napa, Malia, get drunk

Eyal Golan - Can't Speak Hebrew

Oh, where did I get to

It's obvious that she wants to mess around tonight
She's getting closer to ask me if I'm into it

Capo Plaza - Work out #2

I get back home, phone's off yah
Mom chill out, I'm having fun yah
I stay with the ones that don't mess around yah
Put your phone down, it makes you go crazy

Jim Croce - You Don't Mess Around With Jim

You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
And you don't mess around with Slim

AC/DC - T.N.T.

And run for your life
The man is back in town
So don't you mess around

Murat Boz - Before It's Too Late

In love, it's easy, go near him/her
Take the first step, don't stop, don't mess around
My heart doesn't fit in worlds

Robyn - Cobrastyle

Anytime they ready punahussy start war
Mess around and see who get it spread on th' tar

Chase Goehring - A Capella

You say it's all about the music
But mess around with girls who do it
Yah you lie to your fans

Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song


I might mess around, get my college degree
I bet my old man will be so proud of me