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I Keep

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I keep much more than I lose
I let you go...
Not the memory!
I keep the years...those of enchantment
Then others will come...I will tell you about them
Because with you I have learned that people are happy without a miracle
To look on the same side with you....already this was a spectacle
And then I have understood who sleeps less, who loves a little bit more
I keep some shivers running down my spine...
Because stopping them is not worthwile
I keep an open wound
To be right...Why should I care?
Because there is no fault to look for....if no one is quilty!
There is only another path to find
There is no strong one...nor weak one
But while you were sleeping...I observed the sky:
I saw stars to rise on their points and to throw them on you
Until to fill the room with the most beautiful light that exists
Until to fill the life with the most beautiful light
I keep the things that you said at the door...A pain in the chest and paper flowers
Because there is no fault..there is an end
And in the middle of the good that remains
I keep your anger...if you want
Mine, I swear to you, I have let it go!
If we were part of a mistake
At times also something a little bit better
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Mi tengo

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