Mili - Nine Point Eight


Nine Point Eight

Calla lily, carnation, daisy
Silently chase away your worries
Chrysanthemum, kalanchoe
Become your shield whenever you fall asleep
I cried out
"Please, don't leave me behind, leave me behind"
So you held me tight
And said "I will be just fine, I will be just fine, I will be just fine"
Petals dance for oue valediction
And synchronize to your frozen pulsation
Take me to where your soul may live in peace
Final destination
Touch of your skin sympathetically brushed against
The shoulders you used to embrace
Sparking ashes drift along your flames
And softly merge into the sky
Aroma drags me out of where I was
Cream rose, stargazer, iris
Construct the map that helps me trace your steps
Zipped my mouth
I just keep climbing up, keep climbing up
Justify our vows
I know you're right above, you're right above, you're right above
Look now
I'm on the top of your world, top of your world
My darling!
"Here I come", I yell
And take a leap to Hell
Swirling wind sings for our reunion
And 9.8(m/s²) is my acceleration
Take me to where our souls may live in peace
Our brand new commencement
Touch of your lips compassionately pressed against
The skull what you used to cherish
Delicate flesh decomposes off my rotten bones
And softly merge into the sky
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Postat de Radovan LaffeyRadovan Laffey la Vineri, 29/03/2019 - 14:43
Comentariile autorului:

Yes, that "I", jumped from a mountain, and died for those "vows".


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