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I loved You

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When I first saw you,
did you know, darling?
I got angry because you (came across as) haughty-snobbish
but not long after that, I came to really know you
You, as it turned out, truly knew how to laugh too
and when I talked to you;
I worried
lest you should become angry and avoid (me), darling.
but I was astounded by (what) you'd shown/proven (to me)
You were truly not the haughty snob (I'd thought you to be)
I (have come to) love you not only because you're handsome,
I (have come to) love you—not also—because you're genteel-fashionable,
I (have come to) love you—especially not!—because you're wealthy,
I (have come to) love you (because) of the exceptional (qualities/virtues) you embody/have/carry
Once I had to go away (on a journey),
I'd presumed, my dearest,
(that) you would forget (every single) token-trace of our courtship
But I learned
from a friend (that)
you'd (taken to) lingering in our (old) rendezvous place long after nightfall
I (have come to) love you (because) of the exceptional (qualities/virtues) you embody/have/carry...
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Comentariile autorului:

*Second stanza should be "Ngunit ako'y namangha dahil sa iyong pinakita" not "Ngunit hindi naglaon nakilala rin kita".
*genteel-fashionable really is just "fop/dandy" without the negative connotation associated with these words.
*Synonymous words connected by a hypen are hybrids where one synonym has a certain nuance not present in the other synonym but is not complete to fully encompass the meaning of its Tagalog counterpart without the other.
*Those within parentheses are filler words that are not present in the original lyrics but are required to make the English translation more sensible and/or logical.
[Edit 4/27/2019 4:28]
Changed improper use of the present perfect.


Minahal Kita

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