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Always Friday

The chick called me that there's a little problem
So today's porn is cancelled
You know her boyfriend is worried about her, worried that he'll misunderstand
What makes her blood hot
When we're hand-in-hand, completely
Standing in front of the registrar
Her husband is him, her boyfriend is me
You know, it's been planned like this
She called the next day, they dug a pit
The hatchet has been buried
It's quite spiky, but still she wants
The tip of my spear, even though
I'm not doing anything except
I'm doing what I'm good at
If it's good for her, then let's say
Every week on Friday
She comes, if she can come and of course
She phones me if there's trouble
She steps out of the elevator, but sometimes
Even in the stairwell her hands and legs are mine
Her heart, her mouth, her white liver
Every little inch of her body
She sucks my blood, she chews my flesh
Her groin is a burning bonfire, her steel claws cut into me
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Mindig péntek

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