Megapolis - Moskvichki (Москвички) (traducere în Engleză)


Moskvichki (Москвички)

Я её ночной пилот
Вместе нотных верениц
Запишу я в свой блокнот
Сумасшедший валет ресниц
Тающий мираж лица
Каждую черту
И заполнив до конца
Оторву страничку ту
Вам известно как в Москве тают чистые странички?
О эти сумасшедшие москвички
Полуночный декаданс
Полутемное метро
Гаснет свет и в проводах
До утра слабеет ток
Вянет серая листва
Из блокнотов прежних лет
А усталая Москва
Спит ей дела нет
Что какой-нибудь лимитчик пишет где - то в электричке
О эти сумасшедшие москвички
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Moscow Girls

I am her nighttime pilot
Together with musical strings
I will write down in my notebook
The crazy rise* of eyelashes
The melting mirage of the face
Every feature
And having finished it
I will tear out that page
Do you know how in Moscow empty pages melt?
Oh those crazy Moscow girls
Midnight decadence
Half-dark metro
The light is fading, and in the wires
Electric current weakens until morning
The grey leaves wilt
Of notebooks of past years
While tired Moscow
Sleeps, and it's not her business
What some resident** writes where - in a train
Oh those crazy Moscow girl
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Comentariile autorului:

*The English text has the word 'валет' - 'valet', which means 'jack', as in a jack in a card game. However, watching the music video for this song and listening to it myself, I think that's a mistake. The original word seems to be 'взлет - 'vzlet', which means 'rise', or 'taking flight', which makes much more sense in this context.

**'лимитчик' - 'limitchik' is a special term applying to people in the Soviet Union who had special permits to live in cities with regimes of population control in place. See more here: and