Mrs.LOL Kitten - Livin My Life Like I Want To

  • Artist: Mrs.LOL Kitten (Jaydriana Burns)
  • Also performed by: Jaydriana Burns

Livin My Life Like I Want To

I be livin my life like i want to and these haters can't stand it they be wanting to get me down make me feel worthless but they aint got nothing on me i be lovin my haters cuz all they are is jealous all they are is jealous,they be trying to get me down cuz all they are is jealous.
I don't care about my haters no more cuz I'm free and I live how I want I got my own rules and my own life,aint nobody gone tell me what to do,I love livin my life i love livin my life cuz it's me and it's just who i am that's my attitude i'm sexy and i know aint nobody can tell me different,that's why i'm happy and i feel like a room without a room,i'm popular in my own little world and loving it too!
People be saying that i'm the best and i aint even drop an album yet! Actually this is my first time becoming famous and i'm ready to hit hollywood,but i didn't do all of this by myself i thank my god and my family and friends for helping me along the way,without them i wouldn't be doing this right now.when this song goes viral imma make a video when that goes viral imma hit hollywood and when i hit hollywood Imma be like haha haters sorry you couldn't phase me haha haters sorry you couldn't change me wish that i could stay bt wouldn't want to become like you
Thanxx for hatin cuz that's what got me so far haha is you mad or nah,now that i think about it i feel like saying
What do my haters say? "you you you you you you ugly (x3)
What do my haters say? "You aint never gone hit stardom(x3)
And what do I say? "yeah right ya'll just jealous,Yeah right ya'll just hating,Yeah right,ya'll just want to be like me
I really don't have much to say so now i'm ending my song hope ya'll enjoyed it and remember never let your haters get to you all they gone try and do is bring you down so let them try and you just keep on doing you PEACE LIVE AND LOVE LIFE!!!!
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