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China Dolls

Maria is 23 and a student,
Though quite young, she has her own apartment.
She doesn't date and she doesn't accept gifts.
All this, because of that scoundrel, Carlos.
Marta is heart-broken,
Because the man she loved
Dropped her and left her,
On the very day they were to be married.
Nila is also 23,
But she is a bit wilder.
She likes her hair short,
And she wears the latest men's clothing.
Nila is heart-broken, because her father touches her,
Where it is not proper.
So, her life has been scarred.
So, that's life for these two co-eds.
They shout it out to the heavens.
And they promise their eternal love,
Even though society scorns it.
This is the love of two beauties, of
Two women joined together, each with the other,
Of two females who make love in one bed,
A forbidden love it is, but, nevertheless, a love.
They walk hand in hand to their classes.
What will a father say, when he learns,
That his little girl no longer desires
The love of one more clod,
That she now only wants the kisses of that girl,
With whom she'd once 'played house',
With the girl she'd once 'played house'.
And what will the mother say, who never listened,
It's always more painful, when the father is involved,
But in this story, no one is guilty,
Because their suffering has given them a new life.
But neither smiles; too much remains in the dark.
There can be no talk of love, where there is no happiness.
There's also no reason to mistreat anyone,
Who's given you total, unconditional love.
So, we have here two girls, who are old friends,
And now they 'play house' together,
They 'play house' together.
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Sorry, I omitted stanza 6 in my original submission. RWA


Munecas de porcelana

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