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In The Gardens No One Knows About

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In the gardens no one knows about
Uselessness breathes,
There is a respectful cleanliness
Almost till the madness.
You don't know how it is fine to hold you,
To be here to protect you,
To dress and brush you,
And to whisper you “don't give up”.
In the gardens no one knows about,
How much life is dragged here,
Only powerlessness, a weak anaemia?
We are nothing without the fantasy.
Support them, help them,
I'm begging you, don't let them fall down,
Weak, fragile,
Don't refuse them in your love.
Stars which keep silence
But give a sense to that sky.
People don't shine
If they are not the stars.
The hands which are shaking now,
Because the wind is blowing stronger...
Don't leave them, not now
Them not to find the death.
We are so defenceless
And sometimes
We don't forget,
Forgets, there is someone who forgets
An absent-minded flower,
On Sunday,
And then silence, and then silence....
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Nei giardini che nessuno sa

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