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溢れだす孤独よ 僕を見せてくれ
届かない星の様な 永遠の様な砂になってしまった
見つめないでよ 僕のこと
Mayday Mayday
Far from perfiction 僕の意図が絡まって 絡まって
赤の呪文も青の魔法も捨て去って 捨て去って
Far from ideal man 君の声が聞きたくて 聞きたくて
赤の呪文も青の魔法も引き裂いて 忘れたい
女神よ from from I am
Far from perfiction
May I help you?
思い出しいい? 君のこと
Mayday Mayday
Call me Call me
I am も I was も抜け出して
走り出せ Tornado Neat Star
もう抜け出して 君を越えていく
甦れNeighbormind Forevermaid
残された生命の意図は誰の? I know
あの日の I am が遺した絆は永遠に隠して
離れないように 君を溶かしていく
孤独が僕を救って 革命を飲み込んだ
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Abandoned, I left behind a miracle.
Overflowing loneliness--show it to me.
Like an unreachable star, like eternity, you turned into sand.
The night, in which I cannot sleep, in which you suddenly died, smelled of iron.
Don't stare at me
I don't know where I am going
Mayday Mayday
Far from perfiction - my intentions are tangled (tangled)
Red Spells and Blue Magic-- toss them away (toss them away)
Far from ideal man--I want to hear your voice (I want to hear it)
Red Spells and Blue Magic are torn (I want to forget)
I am already a mess
Goddess from from I am
Far from perfiction
May I help you?
Do you remember, what you are?
You seem completely awake.
Mayday Mayday
Call me Call me
"I am" and "I was" are breaking through
Get running, Tornado Neat Star
Let the suffering be stolen by the spies of miracles.
I am breaking through, passing over you.
A lost life is preserved
Revive, Neighbormind Forevermind
Who is the lost life's aim? I know.
I will be dyed red.
That day's "I am" is left behind, these bonds hidden in eternity.
Our transparent thread is preserved
To leave you, I will dissolve you.
Solitude will save me, consuming my revolution
And I will be dyed red.
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The "my revolution" and "Red Spells and Blue Magic" are lines from P.S. I Red--another song used in another Spider-Man movie.

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