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My name is rock

I pull the yoke,I share the word
And sometimes I pick up one-two disco chick
To know that what is the rock
And that their bunny tail keychain
The tail is not only good in this city.
I'm godd in solo,and good in duett
Everywhere,but the best in the bed
I was born in sixty-some number
In in in in sixty-some number
And I even now just looking for the right one
And I know what it's like to rock and roll Align
To the road,my heart is ultra
And if an atom diode wine on the counter
A few drops of tears to crumble
I never write about book
But sometimes I think at the past
Think at the past!
My name is rock,my name is roll
Enough i tell about me
My name is rock,my name is roll
My name is roll!
This is not India,and not Sitar
In front of me the Scaffold,the guitar in my hands
Behind me the drum,membrane in your ear
And then you lean out as a fortress when the card
Not strong enough to hold the base
"Today here,tomorrow there,Hello!" I take a hat
And I'm going. Rivers,mountains
I don't care,i wanna be just in right place
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Rock a nevem

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