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Is it possible to create a playbutton ▶️ to listen automatically to all the songs 🎵 on gsm / cell phone? 📱Raportează o problemă, pune o întrebare6fatix18.07.2024 - 23:55:30
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Of these greetings, which is preferred?General discussions2asasasw06.07.2024 - 22:28:26
Хӗре (girl[?]) or хӗвел (sun) in Chuvash song "Ах чӗре, чӗрем"?Turkic languages2Daniel Andersson06.07.2024 - 18:35:31
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Ich brauche Hilfe bei einem Teil in Niederländisch, glaube ich, eines Liedes auf Deutsch.Other Languages-Joseph Unicornvault24.06.2024 - 00:34:25
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"The Little and the Essential" by John von DüffelGerman language6asasasw23.06.2024 - 13:25:21
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Site seems to be broken again Report a problem13Bloomidoly22.06.2024 - 22:41:15
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Make drafts so we can share them with others? Suggestions-3SiameseCats22.06.2024 - 20:11:26
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Kezer Tash LyricsTurkic languages2Tarık Yıldız15.06.2024 - 15:48:12
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Getting Rid of the Dead Notion of Faithfulness in TranslationGeneral discussions7PhoenixOnFire12.06.2024 - 14:58:19
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Link to other performance works only one wayRaportează o problemă, pune o întrebare2An Cat Dubh08.06.2024 - 13:09:15
Genres on songs?Suggestions9gecss07.06.2024 - 20:36:33
who is the translator?Raportează o problemă, pune o întrebare2cantare06.06.2024 - 17:16:58
[CLOSED] A sign appears when you choose a language of a song to "English (Nigerian pidgin)"Report a problem-Sign in05.06.2024 - 20:04:02
[SOLVED] Ce matin j'ai envoyé une traduction d'une chanson Laotien . . . French language1Koupranom_Abhay05.06.2024 - 19:15:00
[SOLVED] Denied accessReport a problem9Zakariano El Gaditano05.06.2024 - 16:03:11
[SOLVED] Removed translationReport a page6Proshor Proshorov04.06.2024 - 14:51:19